Eventful history

Majestic and visible from a distance, Sigmundskron Castle sits on a woody porphyry crag to the south-west of Bolzano. The historic walls from the late middle ages tell of an eventful past, of “Sigmund the Coin Rich” and South Tyrol’s struggles for autonomy. Today the Sigmundskron Castle houses Reinhold Messner’s MMM Firmian, the headquarters of a fascinating museum project. And create an absolutely lovely setting for dining in a historic atmosphere, celebrating special occasions and enjoying the breathtaking views between the Schlern and Texel Group of mountains.

A place that tells stories
Striking castle silhouette

The enchanted mountain

South Tyrol’s best-known extreme mountaineer opened the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian at Sigmundskron Castle in 2006. The “enchanted mountain” as Reinhold Messner calls the centrepiece of his six museums, chronicles the importance of the mountains for mankind. A tour of the castle complex opens up unexpected insights and views of the world of the mountains. Relics, paintings, testimonies to feats of mountaineering, and sculptures blend with the old and new architecture of Sigmundskron Castle and create a unique atmosphere that you will find truly enchanting.

Illustrious location
Behind historic walls